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I offer a variety of ways to work together.  Each of the focus areas below can be customized to support both individuals and teams.



Create a Coherent Life

Our lives are full of questions, challenges, and opportunities. But that's ok because designers love problems! As a certified Design Your Life coach, I will support you in creating a new blueprint for your life using the principles of product design.

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Discover Your Unique Talents

Are you looking to create more ease in your life? Do you wish your team was more effective and engaged?  When we focus our energy on the things we are naturally good at, higher performance comes naturally as well. Using the CliftonStrengths assessment, I will help you uncover your unique talents and strategize how you can better align your work with those talents.



Gain Clarity

Our messages can get clouded by our individual styles, preferences, and assumptions, and that can wreak havoc on productivity and relationships! As an independent authorized partner of Everything DiSC®, I can provide customized solutions to both individuals and teams that can unlock engagement, inspire collaboration, and improve workplace culture with personalized insights that inspire behavior change.

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